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Hello, my name is Adam Marchacos and I am the editor and webmaster of Kids Love Rocks.  I started this site to educate young and old alike all about rocks, fossils, minerals, and everything else that relates to our earth.

My first mining adventureI personally have been collecting rocks since the 4th grade when my father George and I visited Arizona after a school project got me started.  When we saw all the real mines and active sluice ways out there, my dad and I were hooked for life.  It's not often in life when a passion transforms into a career, and am so happy that I can share my passion with so many others.

As the President of Cold River Mining Company, I've installed over 150 gemstone  panning sluices around the country and across the world.  Throughout our 16 year history, we've helped start hundreds of young rock-hounds on a  lifelong journey of rock collecting and identifying.  In fact, you're probably  visiting this website because you purchased a bag of mining rough from one of our locations that contained specimens from our Dr. Rocks collection.  Our collection contains over 40 different rocks and over 30 different fossils from all over the world.  If you would like to purchase a bag of mining rough from one of our locations, please visit the Panning Opportunities section of the website. 

I am personally encouraging all visitors of this site to collect the whole Dr. Rocks collection from our locations.  Once you have the whole collection, we'll send you a free t-shirt.

So, thanks for visiting, hope to see you back here real soon!

Adam Marchacos


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