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Cold River Mining and Kids Love Rocks is pleased to introduce a series of fun, information-packed activity books for young mineral and fossil enthusiasts. These high-quality books are a great value at only $8 each!


Gold book

The Gold Activity Book

“GOLD!” is a 28-page coloring/activity book about the forms, uses and physical properties of gold. It highlights three of the important gold rushes in American history. Specimens of gold from all over the world are illustrated (to color) with text describing gold. It also includes a comparison between gold and pyrite “Fool’s gold”.



Fossil bookThe Fossil Book

“FOSSILS” is a 28-page introduction to the world of fossils and paleontology. It includes the Geologic Time Scale, the definition of paleontology, paleontologist and fossil, and then information about fossils -- from fossil algae through marine fossils, plants, insects and, of course, dinosaurs! It also includes some activity pages."



Mineral oddities book


Mineral Oddities

“Mineral Oddities” is a 28-page coloring and activity book about strange mineral forms!  Minerals can occur in the most unusual shapes.




Minerals of the U.S.A. bookMinerals of the USA

“Minerals of the U.S.A.” is a 28-page coloring/activity book about some of the best-known mineral occurrences in the United States of America. It emphasizes the histories behind the discoveries and occurrences of the minerals highlighted in the text and pictures.




The World of Minerals book


The World of Minerals and Crystals

“The World of Minerals and Crystals” is a 32-page coloring/activity book about minerals from all over the world. This complete resource presents full color pictures and text about mineral properties, forms and uses, A to Z. In addition, it includes information on the definition of a mineral, crystal systems, and a section on the meaning of mineral names.



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