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“DIG IN!” Activity Series


We have created a package of 10 fun, hands-on activities designed to entertain and educate young mineral collectors. Each activity is one hour in length. These activity kits include cut-and-fold crystal models, recipes for growing crystals at home, cool experiments like creating light inside a quartz crystal, everyday uses of minerals, and much, much more.

Mineral Patches!

By completing each activity, your young collector earns a colorful, 3-inch award patch to acknowledge their accomplishment.

mineral award patches

You already have most of the materials needed to successfully complete these activities at home. All necessary mineral specimens are included at no additional charge.

Your young collector will become more and more interested in mineral collecting as each activity is experienced and enjoyed. We believe that an educated collector is a successful collector.

The DIG IN! series of activities includes
1. Building a Mineral Collection
2. Mineral Hardness
3. Why Are Minerals So Colorful?
4. Making Crystals at Home
5. Quartz
6. Fluorite
7. Pyrite
8. Garnet
9. Gypsum
10. Calcite
11. BONUS ACTIVITY: Mineral Fun!

A complete Leader’s Guide that walks you, step by step, through each activity is also included.

Packed with teaching suggestions, materials lists, and safety recommendations, this valuable resource will assure that you and your young collectors get the most out of the “DIG IN!” experience.

All 10 “DIG IN!” activities with a patch for each, plus the bonus “Mineral Fun!” activity are all yours for  $89.00.

The package includes all necessary rock specimens to accompany the kits, and a free leader's guide.  And best of all, shipping is free!



“DIG IN!” Activity Series



Additional Patches at $3 each

Additional Patches






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