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Our Mission, Goals, and Commitment

About Kids Love Rocks

Kids naturally love rocks. Large, small, shiny or a rough, they are fascinating to young minds eager to absorb as much the world as possible. Kids Love Rocks is a rock and mineral resource site for kids, their families, teachers and hobbyists. It’s a place where you can learn about rocks, gemstones and fossils; buy or download fun and educational activities; and begin or expand your very own rock collection.

We’re a family owned business and we’ve always been fascinated in rocks and caves. We’ve seen how our own kids react when they see a pile of rocks or when they go to the beach and start sifting through sand looking for treasures. As adults, many of us forget the excitement that a partially exposed geode can bring until we become parents ourselves. Kids Love Rocks wants to rekindle that experience for families and use it as a starting point for helping our next generation learn and appreciate this giant and fascinating rock we call earth.

Take time to look through the site with your children or grandchildren. At first, they may be interested in shiny specimens such as pyrite or “Fools Gold.” Is their favorite color blue? Show them Labradorite, a stone from Africa that is used to make glass and paint for pottery. Do they like Dinosaurs? introduce them to Coprolite, also known as “Dino Poop.” Researchers use these fossilized specimens to learn about dinosaurs feeding habits. Is your child fascinated in the ocean? A shark tooth might make a perfect birthday gift and spark their interest in marine biology.

Our mission is to give kids, both young and not so young, the ability to nurture a passion for rocks, crystals and fossils. You’ll find a number of beautiful “big kid” specimens in our For the Classroom tab. These beautifully displayed gemstones and fossil are a unique and natural addition to the classroom or home. It will spark conversation and give you an opportunity to share your love of rocks with others.

Our site is evolving and continually growing. We’ll be adding new products and more interactive learning experiences and resources, so be sure to check back in periodically.

Thank you for visiting Kids Love Rocks because like you, we think rocks ROCK!